Business Services

Business growth is a fundamental and permanent business need. Our business services solutions cover the entire life cycle of the marketing, sales and support functions.


Beginning with researching industries, finding & reaching out to customers, managing & closing the sales process, and providing customer support are all a part of Lester's business offerings.


Our solutions are built to be suitable for use across horizontal business sectors and in certain cases as may be necessary - tailored to meet industry specific needs.

Millions of decision makers today are networking and interacting with each other on Social Media Networks. Social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are growing exponetially.


Yet marketers currently cannot target decision makers active on these networks using traditional direct marketing & telemarketing tools.


Walker's Research addresses this need by offering marketers customized, highly-targeted, guaranteed-quality business executive database solutions. Using our proprietary processes Walkers Research can create business executive database solutions with depth and precision that is far superior to "traditional" lists.

Lester USA is a provider of marketing services that executes online and offline activities to help clients with the complete life cycle of customer engagement. Lester USA's marketing services span the entire cycle, from market research to analyze needs and wants of customers to marketing programs to acquire and retain customers.


Founded in 1981 as a teleservices organization Lester has grown overtime to become a full service marketing services organization. Unrelenting commitment to clients has resulted in a loyal customer base in the information publishing, insurance, education, not for profit and technology verticals.