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Lester is pleased to present important news aggregated  from multiple sources for the B2B Media, Trade Publishing and Fund Raising Industry. We hope users find this information useful and that it gives them a birds eye view of important developments in the industry.

Content-as-a-Service: How to Avoid One-Offs and Retain Clients
Too many media companies are falling into the one-off trap in content marketing. Learning of a client’s desire to own a certain topic and demonstrate thought leadership, the resulting proposal is usually a restatement of ...Read more.
Newsweek Retains Poynter Institute in a Bid to Rehab Its Credibility
Following a tumultuous 2018 in which its offices were raided by the Manhattan D.A., its editors publicly rebuked its parent company for interfering with their reporting and its former co-owner was indicted on fraud and ...Read more.
Readers Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All, So Why Is Our Content?
Our readers aren’t bathrobes—they’re not one-size-fits-all. Yet we batch-and-blast email and direct mail campaigns. We write about what we think is best. We really only have one product, even if it’s available in different formats. ...Read more.
Time Taps New Editorial Talent | People on the Move
Time announced several new editorial appointments and hires this week, including promoting Sam Jacobs from executive editor to deputy editor. In this role, Jacobs will be tasked with overseeing editorial content across all of the ...Read more.
Why Your Advertiser Campaigns Aren’t Working And How to Fix It: Part 1
In my 25 years in digital media, I’ve worked with hundreds of publishers and thousands of advertisers in B2B, consumer, and regional markets. I’ve had access to analytics from innumerable ad campaigns and discussions with ...Read more.
Still on Shaky Ground, Publishers Seek More Stability in 2019
The layoffs that have plagued the magazine industry for a decade continued in the first quarter of this year, along with hundreds of cuts at digital media companies. The pink slips reflect the industry’s precarious ...Read more.
The Latest Google Update Slams Traditional Publishers
Google’s long love affair with traditional, respected publishers may have come to an abrupt end last month. Such venerable publishing brands as The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and Harvard Business Review suffered declines in U.S. Google ...Read more.
Ad-Free, Print-Only and Profitable, Kazoo Is Pushing Girls to Think Bigger
As is very often the case with great ideas, it was first inspired among the bookshelves. Browsing Barnes & Noble one day in the Spring of 2016, Erin Bried—an industry vet whose lengthy Condé Nast ...Read more.
Why the Email Batch and Blast Practice Is an Addiction and How to End It
In email marketing, “Batch & Blast” is a common practice. But dare I say, it’s the junk food of marketing. We all know that the email batch and blast practice really isn’t good for anyone, ...Read more.