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How Yankee Magazine Turned Loyalty Into Brand Equity
Known as a gateway into the lifestyle and culture of New England, Yankee magazine has established itself as much more than just a publication for those living in the region it covers. Now a digital ...Read more.
Publishing Insiders React to Sale of National Distributor Curtis Circulation
It’s the dawn of a new era: The last remaining national distributor, the ANC-owned Comag Marketing Group, has bought the second-to-last remaining one, Curtis Circulation Company; and if I’m doing my math right, that puts ...Read more.
Judge Delays Quad-LSC Merger
In another sign that Quad’s proposed acquisition of rival printer LSC Communications isn’t going as planned, a federal judge has rejected the printers’ request for an expedited trial. That could delay the deal’s closing until ...Read more.
Press Release: Comag Marketing to Acquire National Distribution Business of Curtis Circulation Company
Comag Marketing Group, LLC (CMG), a subsidiary of American News Company, LLC (ANC), this week announced that it has reached an agreement with Curtis Circulation Company, LLC (Curtis) to acquire Curtis’ national distribution business, effective ...Read more.
Targeting Millennials Requires Good Content Marketing
Editor’s Note: Though this article is written for marketers, it also provides insights for publishers targeting the Millennial audience. The increasing demand for good content marketing also provides media companies with more opportunities to monetize ...Read more.
Carol Smith Succeeds Kevin O’Malley at Hearst | People on the Move
Carol Smith was promoted to SVP and publishing director of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire, succeeding SVP, publishing director and CRO Kevin O’Malley, who is retiring. Smith most recently served as the VP, publisher ...Read more.
Publishers Should Expect More Data from Programmatic Demand Partners
Programmatic demand has become an essential part of many publishers’ revenue strategy. Sell-side platform (SSP) companies have seen amazing growth — the top 10 alone account for over $84 billion in revenue. However, when it ...Read more.
Why Luxury Titles Are Poised to Survive the Next 5 Years
Like all of us who retain an old-fashioned, romantic affection for print magazines, I sometimes find myself wondering which ones will still be around in five years. It’s sort of a mental game I play—”Survivor: ...Read more.
Are Fully Personalized Magazines in Our Future? It’s Complicated.
With its flexibility and its ability to produce small batches, digital printing is transforming book publishing, direct mail, product packaging, and even the garment industry. But it has hardly laid a finger on magazine publishing. ...Read more.