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AI and NLP for Publishers: How Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Are Transforming Scholarly CommunicationsAI and NLP for Publishers:
AI and NLP capabilities have advanced to a degree that publishers can automate significant portions of their workflow, streamlining simple tasks to focus instead on adding greater value to content. In this new report from ...Read more.
Since You Can’t Rely on Advertising, How Are You Diversifying Revenue?
Headlines touting impressive growth in digital ad revenues may appear delightful at first glance, but the bigger picture isn’t so pretty. Unless you’re one of two companies, that is. That’s because Google and Facebook ate up 83 ...Read more.
YouTube’s Brand-Safety Woes Give Publishers a Boost in Selling Video Ads Directly
To avoid future brand-safety embarrassments, agencies are increasingly looking to buy directly from premium-quality content owners on YouTube. “We are seeing a huge increase in demand from agencies in our own YouTube inventory bought directly ...Read more.
Want to Build Trust with Readers? Try Adding a Box that Explains the Story Process
Providing readers with supplementary information on how a journalist approached a story seems to be effective in building reader trust of the news organization, according to a study out Tuesday from the Center for Media Engagement at the University ...Read more.
Press Release: Wiley Awards all North American, UK, and APAC Product Offprints to Sheridan
In a move to bring the bulk of their journal offprint work to one best-of-class provider, Wiley selected Sheridan, a CJK Group company, to assume main global offprint production and author bill services for Wiley’s ...Read more.
Why Branded Video Is a Must-Have Product for Publishers
In just under five years, custom content studios and creative labs have sprung up within major publishers to produce native or branded content that encompasses all platforms and vehicles for engagement. Among these, branded video ...Read more.
Can Spotify Help Fix Podcasting’s Biggest Challenges?
The initial flush of enthusiasm around Spotify’s Gimlet and Anchor acquisitions earlier this month should fade quickly into a more mixed—even queasy—feeling about where the podcasting market is headed for publishers. The news gave the ...Read more.
How Gritty Understands His Audience, Flies on Social Media
Even before Gritty spent part of this Saturday night streaking in front of nearly 70,000 hockey fans in Lincoln Financial Field, the Flyers mascot laid a streak of lightning across social media with his irreverent ...Read more.
Google Says it’s Fighting Misinformation, but How Hard?
Google recently presented a white paper at a digital-security conference in Germany, in which the search giant detailed all the steps it is taking across its various divisions—YouTube, Google News and Google Search—to fight misinformation and disinformation. ...Read more.