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Lester is pleased to present important news aggregated  from multiple sources for the B2B Media, Trade Publishing and Fund Raising Industry. We hope users find this information useful and that it gives them a birds eye view of important developments in the industry.

B2B Media Is Leading with First-Party Data – and Unlocking New Revenue
For the longest time I resisted calling website visitors anything but readers. After decades as an editor and publisher, I pushed back on calling them “users.” I still don’t like the sound of it, but ...Read more.
Magazine Media: Talking About a Better User Experience Isn’t Enough
As soon as the concept of “user experience” was reduced to another acronym within digital culture (UX) we should have known we had emptied the term of any meaning. In my mind, the original sin ...Read more.
Jay Fielden Joins List of Troy Young-Era Departures at Hearst | People on the Move
Esquire editor-in-chief Jay Fielden is out after three-and-a-half years at the helm. The latest in a long line of editors and execs to depart Hearst following the appointment of Troy Young to president of Hearst ...Read more.
Meredith’s Executive Director of Video Programming & Analytics on IGTV & OTT Strategy
While many publishers remain hesitant to produce videos for Instagram’s IGTV without a formal monetization system in place, Meredith Corporation is rolling out a slate of 20 original series for the long-form, vertical video app. ...Read more.
How Publishers Can Start Monetizing Smart Speakers
If you ask an Amazon Echo how to monetize a voice assistant or smart speaker, it will tell you, “Sorry, I don’t know that one.” Many publishers are in the same boat. Already with enough ...Read more.
Life After Print: How 3 Magazines Are Navigating Their New Business Models
As consumers and advertisers continue to shift their attention to digital media platforms, traditional print publishers are increasingly coming to the difficult decision that their future doesn’t include a print publication at all—or at least ...Read more.
Press Release: Second Street Acquires Niche Media
ST. LOUIS – Second Street announced today the acquisition of Niche Media, an organization dedicated to helping publishers generate revenue via print, digital, and events. This acquisition further expands Second Street’s role as an educator ...Read more.
Hearst’s Michael Clinton on Retirement, ‘Failing Fast’ and the Future
From start to finish, Michael Clinton’s tenure in media is an unusual one. First off, he started as a business reporter for DNR, the now defunct men’s wear industry paper and a brother publication to ...Read more.
Vanity Fair Digitizes Archives, the Latest on the Quad/LSC Merger and Other Industry Notes
Talking Biz News Founder Ready to Pass the Torch Talking Biz News founder Chris Roush announced on Wednesday that he’s ready to move on from the site, which tracks job changes and other day-to-day news ...Read more.