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How Publishers Are Streamlining Their Businesses With Marketing Automation
From controlling the temperature in our homes and offices to helping drive our cars, automation is changing our everyday lives. This shift is transforming the way that we do business as well, and has been ...Read more.
The Atlantic Hires SVP of Partnerships Away from WSJ | People on the Move
The Atlantic tapped Johanna Mayer-Jones for the newly created the role of SVP of partnerships. Starting next month, Mayer-Jones will be responsible for leading the company’s advertising business and its teams in the U.S., Europe, ...Read more.
Seeking More Consumer Revenue, Publishers Are Investing Heavily in E-Learning
Until a few years ago, online education of any sort was most often associated with digital degree mills and dubious promises of graduating college from the comfort of your own bedroom and pajamas. A new ...Read more.
Media Pitch: How Gath3r Enables Publishers to Monetize Engagement With Cryptomining
Cryptomining may be the latest method for publishers to tap into new online revenue. Mining involves verifying cryptocurrency transactions by cracking the blockchain code associated with those transactions. When the miner successfully verifies a transaction, ...Read more.
How Publishers Are Leveraging Their Media Brands for Marketing Services
Requiring deeper insights and data, broader access to audiences and agency-like services from publishers, brands are becoming savvier about their marketing investments across the board, and publishers are responding to that trend by leveraging their ...Read more.
4 Steps to Reinvigorate Sales & Radically Transform the Publishing Business
Steady decline in readership and advertising revenue are the current operating environment for local and specialty publishing. According to News Media Alliance and Pew Research Center,  advertising revenue for publicly traded publishers declined roughly 30% ...Read more.
BNP Media Shutters Five Magazines, Laying Off Numerous Staffers
BNP Media is shuttering five of its trade magazines and merging others in a round of downsizing that will see several employees let go over the coming weeks. Appliance Design, Ceramic Industry, Hotel F&B, Reeves ...Read more.
Reality Check: Symbolism and Nostalgia Are Not Business Models
Apologies for what follows. You’ve caught me staring in the face of the devil. That’s one of the things I’m staring at. The other is a big stack of New Yorkers. Unthumbed-through. It’s 15 issues ...Read more.
How Content Structure and Data Extraction Facilitate New Product Development
Technology and content are empowering products and ideas that were previously impossible. In fact, content structure and semantics are the building blocks that enable downstream capabilities, such as search engine and database discoverability, consumption through ...Read more.