Technology Services

Our technology solutions are aimed at developing creative, novel approaches to solving the needs of customers across a number of different segments around the globe.


Our technology support solutions is aimed at helping home users and small businesses grapple with the complexities of using computers in a way will alter the third-party technical support industry landscape.


Our campus recruitment solutions are aimed at the Indian higher education market and are creating a new paradigm for facilitating the interactions between colleges, students, and employers.

GuruAid is one of the top-5 global providers of independent technical support services to consumers and businesses. GuruAid's technical support service covers the full range of computer platforms, communication devices and software.


GuruAid's remote technical support capability allows technical problems to be solved instantly, in the comfort of user's premises, at a lower cost than other traditional help-desk support providers. The intrinsic value of GuruAid's service has resulted in a vibrant and growing customer base in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Campus Direct is India's only online network connecting companies with colleges, students and alumni. This rapidly growing network includes more than 200,000+ students at 1,000+ colleges, across 50+ major cities and rural towns, and includes several of the Top-50 Management, Engineering & Technology schools.


Campus Direct is a high quality, easy to use, cost effective, efficient, unique communication, recruitment and brand promotion platform focused on the student and alumni community from the Indian education system.

India Career Portal is a customized web based software application for colleges that helps improve placement performance by automating the placement process and taking it online.


Benefits for colleges using this application are-attracting more employers, increasing placement percentage, quicker rate of placements, higher compensation packages for students, enhanced college brand image, reduced burden on placement office, reduced costs of placement initiatives, attracting more students and greater student satisfaction.


It also serves as a knowledge center and an online finishing school that delivers employability education to students facilitating academia in bridging the gap and meeting needs of employers.