Media Pitch: How Gath3r Enables Publishers to Monetize Engagement With Cryptomining
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How Publishers Are Leveraging Their Media Brands for Marketing Services
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4 Steps to Reinvigorate Sales & Radically Transform the Publishing Business
Steady decline in readership and advertising revenue are the current operating environment for local and specialty publishing. According to News Media Alliance and Pew Research Center,  advertising revenue for publicly traded publishers declined roughly 30% ...Read more.
BNP Media Shutters Five Magazines, Laying Off Numerous Staffers
BNP Media is shuttering five of its trade magazines and merging others in a round of downsizing that will see several employees let go over the coming weeks. Appliance Design, Ceramic Industry, Hotel F&B, Reeves ...Read more.
Reality Check: Symbolism and Nostalgia Are Not Business Models
Apologies for what follows. You’ve caught me staring in the face of the devil. That’s one of the things I’m staring at. The other is a big stack of New Yorkers. Unthumbed-through. It’s 15 issues ...Read more.
How Content Structure and Data Extraction Facilitate New Product Development
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Intention, Authenticity & Value: 3 Key Commerce Strategies for Publishers
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Consumer Reports Named Digital Team of the Year at the Folio: Digital Awards
NEW YORK – Digital executives, thought leaders and creators from across the magazine media industry gathered in the Yale Club Ballroom in Midtown on Thursday to celebrate this past year’s greatest achievements in online media ...Read more.
Research: Marketers Aim to Balance Thirst for First-Party Data & Customer Privacy
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Why Marketers Should Tap Into the Potential of Bing Ads, the Dark Horse of the Search World
Bing has often been an overlooked publisher in the search world, left in the shadows of its older rival, Google Ads, and simply not given the credit it’s due. However, marketers shouldn’t overlook the dark ...Read more.