The core challenge facing education and non-profit organizations is that fund raising participation rates are declining, donor retention rates are static and lapsed donor reactivation rates are stagnant.

The fundraising landscape is rapidly changing due to the advent of social networks, crowd-funding platforms, cloud computing, analytics and mobile communication. These technologies offer the promise of improving donor participation, retention and reactivation rates for fund raising campaigns.

Lester’s fund raising division’s mission is to help education and non-profits to realize the benefits of these advancements by delivering superior rates of participation, donor retention and lapsed donor reactivation.

We have implemented thousands of successful personalized cost effective – annual fund, capital, membership and specialty – campaigns for leading Universities, Colleges, Independent schools and non-profit organizations. Lester’s team of experienced and caring callers strive to improve retention rates, convert non donors, upgrade donors, re-engage lapsed donors and maximize giving back from alumni and communities.

Our Solution

Lester’s offerings – Insight, Acquire, and Cultivate – provide an integrated solution that covers the entire fundraising cycle. These solutions are aimed at addressing three key challenges in fundraising: increasing new donor acquisition; reducing loss of existing donors; and reactivating lapsed donors.


Insight brings the power of predictive analytics (sometimes called machine learning or data mining) to fundraising. Most fundraising campaigns do not sufficiently differentiate between constituents that are likely to give versus those that are unlikely to give. The result is a lot of wasted effort chasing constituents who do not want to give or cannot afford to give. Insight fixes this core problem. Using predictive analytics Insight develops a solicitation plan – frequency of solicitation attempts, communication channel mix, messaging, and ask value – by constituent and thereby increases ROI.


Acquire is a multi-channel, integrated communication platform designed to increase contact rates. The main reason most fundraising campaigns fall short of their goals is because the majority of constituents are never reached. Even in successful telemarketing campaigns, despite repeated attempts, more than 50 to 60 percent of the constituents are not contacted. Acquire helps increase contact rates and as a result improves campaign performance.


Cultivate helps improve donor retention with a personalized communication that speaks to donor’s interests and motivation for giving. Weak engagement is one of the main reasons that donors do not renew their pledge. Most organizations rely on a templated “thank-you” letter and other mass-market messaging to foster engagement with a new donor. Unfortunately, this mass communication is not sufficient to create a bond with the donor. As a result, a sizable portion of donors do not renew their pledge.

Why Lester’s Fund Raising Service

Innovative and Unique Solution

Lester is one of the only companies to have combined the power of internet marketing technologies to improve performance of traditional direct response marketing campaigns to increase donor acquisition, retention, and reactivation.

Tailored Solution to Meet Need

Lester’s solution suite – Insight, Acquire, Cultivate – can be tailored to your needs. You have the choice of using the entire portfolio of offerings or select those that best meet your needs. Need only the analytics then start with Insight.

Proven Track Record

Effective fund raising campaigns require a delicate mix of experience, professionalism, and integrity. When donor relationships and contributions are at stake, professionals who can become an extension of a client’s organization is the key to success

Consultative Approach

Our marketing and operations team is committed to helping you exceed your fundraising goals. We will work closely with you to strategize and build a solicitation plan that leverages the power of Lester’s tools to increase the likelihood of success.

Casaundra Beach

Casaundra Beach has been in the Customer Service and Call Center business for over 20 years. She joined Lester in 1998 starting as the Operations Manager for Lester’s KY call center, where she successfully managed all aspects of the center for 16 years. Casaundra is currently our Director of Technology and Quality Assurance Services and oversees the technology processes, all data management, caller training, operations and quality assurance services for all of Lester’s call centers.

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