Our technical support solution GuruAid was launched in 2010. We are an independent provider of trusted technical support to consumers for connected products and software such as computers, routers, printers, peripherals, networking devices, tablets and mobiles using remote access tools.

GuruAid operates in the paid independent support space for software issues. Our support services include set up and install, technical issue resolutions, software optimization and usage related services. We offer annual support plans so consumers can get their technology to work from the comfort of their homes, get unlimited support from experts 24 X 365, access help for any product or brand from a single source.

The software issue resolution market is growing rapidly due to multiple factors. Explosive growth of interconnected consumer electronic devices, decreasing focus of OEMs on complementary support, growth in remote and subscription based services and a growing preference for “one-stop” shops that provide brand agnostic resolutions to issues faced.


Set Up & Install

Confused with the hard to understand, cryptic product installation & setup instructions. Leave it to the experts to install and configure your operating system, or a printer, or the antivirus software, or any internet enabled home appliance.

Fix & Repair

We can fix any software problem you face. You won’t get the run around or excuses. No matter how complex the problem, you can count on our certified technicians to spend as much time necessary to fix the problem until you are completely satisfied.

Optimize Performance

As you surf the net, download apps, add new programs, and clutter your computer with unnecessary stuff, you will slow down your computer. Simple tasks will start taking longer than it did before. Our technicians know all the tricks of the trade to clean up and tune-up your PC so that it regains its past glory.

How to Use

Software and hardware is becoming more and more complicated. You need someone who can make sense of all of this complexity and help you figure out how to use some of this stuff and get the most value from your technology purchases.

We Support


Why GuruAid

Remote support has a number of advantages that you and your company can enjoy. Here are some things to consider about using remote computer support services.

Cost Efficient

Through remote support, you will save travel time and costs for visiting and scheduling and appointment with a local technician. Your company will be freed from the need of having full time IT staff on the payroll. Also, since you will only be paying for the services that you actually receive, you will end up saving money and reducing overheads, without sacrificing your IT needs. GuruAid has different subscription plans for your needs.

Expert Support

GuruAid has a pool of IT experts on call. These are the same IT experts who will help you when you encounter any problem with your computer or software applications. This means you receive the best expert advice for different kinds of problems from the same source.

Immediate Solution

Some things need to be fixed immediately. And that’s precisely what GuruAid remote support gives you – a quick and easy solution to your immediate IT problems. Suffer little to no downtime and have your business or your home use computer up and running again with remote computer support.

Casaundra Beach

Casaundra Beach has been in the Customer Service and Call Center business for over 20 years. She joined Lester in 1998 starting as the Operations Manager for Lester’s KY call center, where she successfully managed all aspects of the center for 16 years. Casaundra is currently our Director of Technology and Quality Assurance Services and oversees the technology processes, all data management, caller training, operations and quality assurance services for all of Lester’s call centers.

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