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Jon Werther Is Out at Meredith After 3 Years as President | People on the Move
National Media Group president Jon Werther is out at Meredith Corp. after seven years with the company, effective immediately. In a statement from president and CEO Tom Harty, he said that there aren’t any immediate ...Read more.
How Mass-Consumer Publishers Are Seeking B2B Opportunities
For mass consumer magazines, scale is typically a core component to their business models, especially in digital. But some publishers are now seeing the value in stripping back content to reach a new audience of ...Read more.
How to Sell $38K of Subscriptions in 10 Days
If you run a paid circulation magazine, you know that selling subscriptions online can be a challenge. However, I’d like to share an example of one publication that recently sold over $38K of subscriptions in ...Read more.
Bauer Media to Pursue Alternatives to Traditional Newsstand Supply Chain
The publisher of the two top-selling magazines on American newsstands has initiated a process aimed at exploring alternatives outside of the traditional magazine-retail supply chain, which has become dominated by two major wholesalers following years ...Read more.
Publishers Finally Find Their Voice in Podcasting
Given the IAB and PwC’s projection that ad revenue in podcasting will at last pass $1 billion in 2021 (up from $479 million in 2018), one would think this medium’s decade-long slow (really slow) march ...Read more.
Pay Attention, Publishers: Outsiders Are Redefining What a Magazine Can Be
Software mogul, golf equipment manufacturer, movie-streaming service, mattress maker, actress, social media behemoth: It seems everyone wants to get into the magazine-publishing business these days. Everyone, that is, except for “real” magazine-media publishers. Whenever a ...Read more.
The New Award Winning Premium Digital Editions
A live example of digital edition results. View this year’s live 2019 DIGITAL MPA-IMAG award winning premium VERTIQUL platform digital edition. Clear advantages of upgrading from flipping pages and traditional digital apps. Live Tour. ...Read more.
What Is RPS & How Can It Drive Digital Growth for Publishers?
If you strip everything down to the core, a publisher’s business model is the acquisition and monetization of audience at price differentials. If the average cost of acquiring a reader is lower than the publication’s ...Read more.
Folio: Toasts the Most Inspiring Women in Media
NEW YORK – 200 of the brightest leaders, creatives and business professionals in the magazine media industry gathered at the Grand Hyatt Manhattan Ballroom on Friday to celebrate the accomplishments made over the past year ...Read more.