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From Reporting to Reduction: How Businesses Are Taking Action on Climate Change
From wildfires raging in Canada to devastating flooding in large portions of the Northeast, the severity of natural disasters isn’t just inching up year over year; they’re shattering records at a rapid clip. New legislation ...Read more.
Puma’s Web3 Efforts Are Paying Off and Driving Consumer Engagement
With artificial intelligence making swift advancements every day, the metaverse–recently presumed “dead” in the industry–is silently enabling brands to bridge physical products with digital experiences, reaching new audiences and ultimately driving revenue. During Adweek’s NexTech ...Read more.
NBCUniversal and Google Team Up for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Campaign
Ahead of Thanksgiving, NBCUniversal and Google partnered with the Radio City Rockettes for three 30-second custom spots for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. The NBCU Creative Partnerships team collaborated with Google’s creative ...Read more.
Advertisers’ X Exit Has Been a Trickle Rather Than an Exodus
Advertisers’ fresh attention on X, formerly Twitter, following another tumultuous few days, obscures the reality that the alleged advertiser exodus–when Elon Musk assumed control of X in late October 2022–never fully represented all brands. Like ...Read more.
The Speed of Culture Podcast: Entering a New Age of Connection
During the last two decades, the telecom industry has significantly changed, shifting from wired to wireless technology. As millennials and Gen Z increasingly favor digital-first experiences, the market is continuously adapting to meet these new ...Read more.
4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Your Conversion Rates
At this point, there is little doubt that artificial intelligence is the future of business. The Salesforce “State of Marketing” report found that more than a fifth of businesses currently use AI for marketing purposes, ...Read more.
Media Pitch: Subtext Connects Journalists with Subscribers for 1:1 Conversations
In pursuit of reader revenue, many publishers are creating subscription products tailored to reader interests. Subtext, a texting platform formerly known as Project Text, opens a personal channel of communication between content creators and readers ...Read more.
How Transformational Leadership Impacts Your Bottom Line
As a transformational coach in the corporate world, I absolutely love working with companies that are interested in connecting more deeply with their customers. Today’s publishers and media companies are competing for reader’s attention, loyalty, ...Read more.
Financial Times Names New Top Editor | People on the Move
The Financial Times announced Roula Khalaf as its next editor, making her the first female top editor at the FT in its 131-year history. A 24-year veteran of the FT, Khalaf most recently served as ...Read more.