1 in 4 Referrals to News Articles Come Through Google’s AMP | By the Numbers
Quantifying everything from EBITDA to social media followers, numbers have dominated the headlines in the magazine industry in the first two months of 2019. On February 19 came the news that the first brand Instagram ...Read more.
Data Privacy Policymaking Words of Warning from Europe
Two weeks back, two hearings in Congress were held about a possible forthcoming new federal data privacy law for the United States. Some of the testimony included fascinating insight. It’s been nearly nine months since ...Read more.
Ad Ops Is the Engine Driving Your Publishing Company. Does Yours Need a Tune Up?
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Focusing on the Ultra-Rich, Luxe Interiors + Design Brings Marketers Back to Print
Challenges facing the print advertising economy have generally not spared shelter magazines. Across the category, page counts are falling, sales and edit teams are consolidating and investment is being diverted toward more promising digital and ...Read more.
What’s Your Event DNA? The Creation of Rapid Growth, Non-Cloneable Programs
DNA is the molecular-level instructions that guide the development and expression of a living thing. How that thing will engage. How it will respond. How it will interact with others. DNA guides how a unique ...Read more.
Authors’ Groups Try to Block Quad-LSC Communications Merger Based on Antitrust Concerns
Two prominent authors’ organizations joined forces Wednesday in asking the U.S. Justice Department “to block the merger between the two sole competitors in the long-run magazine and book printing markets.” The Authors Guild and PEN ...Read more.
Former New York Mag Editor Named EIC of Slate | People on the Move
Slate named Jared Hohlt as its new editor-in-chief, effective April 1, five months after Julia Turner announced she was leaving the online magazine to join the Los Angeles Times. Hohlt, who spent nearly two decades ...Read more.
Banking On Newsstands: Bauer’s Counterintuitive Growth Strategy
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5 Ways to Significantly Cut Subscription Renewal Costs
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New Privacy Regulations Coming Your Way: California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
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