How the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act Would Balance Power in the Media Ecosystem
Publishers used to be a de-facto monopoly. They had printing factories, delivery trucks, and a solid infrastructure in place to control the publishing and distribution of news. But with the shift to online consumption of ...Read more.
New, Big B2B Ideas, from MarTech to Dimensional Mail
Last summer, I picked up a score of great ideas from the FlipMyFunnel conference in Boston. This year, the conference has joined forces with two other B2B niche conferences to form the B2B Sales and ...Read more.
USA TODAY’s Head of Consumer Products on Delivering Value to Readers & Advertisers
At Publishing Executive’s 2019 FUSE Media Summit, USA TODAY’s Jason Jedlinski will address how the media company’s product and engineering teams innovate across digital platforms to deliver value for both readers and advertisers. In this ...Read more.
Publishers Look Beyond the Buy Button to Capitalize on Affiliate Revenue
Affiliate marketing is no longer a side-hustle for publishers, netting only a few pennies on the dollar when readers click a buy button. As online shopping behaviors have matured, retailers have been increasing their spend ...Read more.
Are You Settling on Your Digital Brand?
Given the investment you’ve made in establishing your brand, why settle when delivering your most valuable asset – your content – to digital readers? In the vast sea of undifferentiated web content, consumers are looking ...Read more.
Active Interest Media Gets Into Cannabis | People on the Move
Earlier this week, Active Interest Media, publisher of Better Nutrition, Yoga Journal and a slew of recently acquired former F+W titles, among many others, announced the launch of NatuRx, a new print and digital media brand with a self-described ...Read more.
Media Pitch: OutVoice Is Streamlining the Freelancer Invoicing Process
If you follow any freelance journalists on Twitter, you’ve heard what a headache invoicing processes can be – and how frustrating it is not to be paid for your work in a timely manner. As ...Read more.
Getting More from Google Analytics: 3 Tips for Editors
Over the last year or so, I’ve had the chance to run several editorial training sessions with B2B media players. In these sessions, the number-one question I get from content teams is how to best ...Read more.
20 Years Later, The FADER Stays True to Its Mission
In terms of digital disruption, magazines were far from the only form of traditional media upended by the rise of the internet over the past two decades. So as a relatively small fish in a ...Read more.
Six Approaches to Effective Digital Learning: How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Education & Corporate Training
Digital learning today needs to be immersive and multifaceted, offering a wide choice of media to meet unique learning styles and keep pace with the robust, mobile experiences students have come to expect. This new ...Read more.