BIMS celebrates five years of business excellence in November.

Join your business information colleagues to collaborate and engage in a dynamic conversation about the emerging best practices that make information companies so essential to the markets they serve.

Marketing. Data. Engagement. Strategy. Digital Sales. You’ll learn from peer experts how they are seizing new opportunities and creating solutions to the pressing business challenges facing leaders today. 

BIMS is designed to be interactive with workshops, roundtables and white board ideations. Led by prestigious leaders, our breakout sessions pinpoint the pain points companies of all sizes share. Share your challenges and solutions in workshop settings that are inclusive and engaging.

BIMS will address the shared issues facing the information industry today:

  • How to remain competitive when you’re running a legacy business.
  • How to eclipse the competition when you’re a startup.
  • How to run a sustainable business, maintain an enduring brand, and stay relevant.
  • How to deliver what your customers want, when and where they want it.
  • How to balance high tech and high touch.
  • How to organize your enterprise holistically, integrating systems solutions that involve your entire team.
  • How to ensure your millennials a seat at your table.

BIMS takes you on a journey to explore every facet of creating a dynamic and vital business, respecting the past and building a sustainable future. From marketing strategies that are playbooks for profit, building data products, providing services that manage complexity, creating engagement that delivers a positive customer experience and producing events, BIMS fosters an interactive exchange of ideas, best practices and connections

BIMS (Business Information & Media Summit) 2018